Friday, June 4, 2010

Back , , , like a heart attack!

Vacations have a funny way of making you wish they would never end and wish you were at home in your nice cozy bed all at the same time! The hubs and I went on a trip to Minnesota to visit the family and go to my best friend's wedding. . . with out the kids! As much as we felt we earned and needed the break I couldn't help but feel immensely guilty about leaving my babies at home and relaxing, sleeping in, and doing what I want to do without being on the little people schedule. I had no idea that I would miss sewing so much! SERIOUSLY! I can't believe how addicted I am and how many times I thought to myself 'man I wish I had my sewing machine here' . . . does that make me pitiful? hahaha if so I'm ok with that.
I can't wait to start on some new projects and get some new items listed on Etsy . . . yes I know I have been slacking HORRIBLY. I am still looking for someone to design a website for me (that doesn't charge an arm and a leg) but until then I will stick with my Etsy and Facebook.

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