Sunday, June 27, 2010

For the mommy

I found an awesome tutorial on making couture style ruffled onesies over at Maegan and I fell in love! I had all the intentions of making Gianna one of these onesies, I went to the fabric store and found this perfect thin jersey knit with polka dots, got a pack of plain white onesies, and then. . . . I found the cutest tanks at Target and thought hmmmm. . . I could make the Mama something! It was a HIT! I first started off making the 'flowers/ruffles' all the way across the front of the tank, which while cute on the hanger, was not so flattering on. Then I though 'Hey! what if I just take some of them off and make it like a corsage' BRILLIANT!!! I can't believe how cute it turned out and how many compliments I have gotten on my simple (not so quick) embelishment.

I also have been busy making super CUTE things for customers and friends. I have completed another Ruffle Fluff romper which turned out KILLAH! Or as Carly said 'STUPID CUTE!' I do tend to amaze myself at times.

A recent project I have worked on was for a GREAT cause, The Blanket Fairy over on Facebook is an AMAZING woman who helps families and kids FIGHTING childhood cancer. The birth club that I am apart of adopted a family as a part of her Christmas in July project she put together. The family we adopted has twin girls which only one is fighting cancer, we wanted make sure they got something that they could play together so we are planning to buy them a kitchen and all the accessories that go with it! I made them matching REVERSIBLE aprons. I hope they love them.
Last but not least by any means is the little something I whipped up for Ms. Peeper. Nothing says summer like watermelon and RUFFLE!

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