Monday, May 3, 2010

Getting closer

Attempt #2 at hat making . . . argh! Today's hat turned out 50x better than the last one but it was still pretty pathetic. Although if you don't look too closely it's not that bad hahaha. I just cannot seem to figure out how to attach the top of the hat! Who knew it would be so difficult.

Gianna wanted in on the action

hamming it up

It's dance-y dance time!

I also finished another pair or bloomers for Ms. Brooklyn, which my lovely assistant was more than happy to model for me. I know I am so mean, but he loves it! Say what you will about what I could be doing to his 'manhood' but real men wear ruffles and zebra print haha!

I have one more pair to make but I cant make up my mind what I want to do! Plus I need to go get some more elastic! Those little packages are SO deceiving they look like they have a ton in there but really it like a yard. Grr. . .not that I am complaining about a trip to the fabric store. Since the last pair will be a surprise I am not going to post pictures until she get the package. I have so many idea for what I want to do it is killing me!

I plan to start on a cart/highchair cover this week for Gianna. I have had the pattern since M was little but I was so intimidated by patterns at the time I never even took it out of the package to read the instructions. I plan on making one side minky and the other flannel or fleece. The pattern looks SUPER easy and fast to make. If it is as easy to make as it looks I will be adding some to my Etsy page for sale!

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