Sunday, May 9, 2010

What NOT to do. . .

I recently realized that as much as I love hot glue. . . it is not always the best adhesive for every project. Back in March I was getting ready for a craft show and, as my luck would have it, My sewing machine started acting like a punk 4 days before the show. Which, thankfully, I had all my main sewing done I just needed to finish making pacifier clips. Being the brilliant resourceful woman that I am, thought, 'what else can I use?' AH-Ha! Hot glue! At the time it was the perfect solution. Looking back I now realize. . . maybe not so good. I made one for Gianna, since she loves to chuck her chupy to the opposite side of her car seat, where you can reach. If you know anything about Bakersfield, you know its HOT HOT HOT! Combine hot car with hot glue. You get the idea. I Although the situation could have been worse . . . I could have actually sold them to people and then they'd have a mini hot glue mess AND a broken pacifier clip. Thankfully no one bought any of them. Let this be a lesson to us all. . . hot glue, while amazing and VERY versatile. . . is not always your friend.

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  1. Brandi that is so funny! Darn this Bakersfield heat--messin' with our creativity! :-)