Monday, May 10, 2010

More wishes. . .

I have some more lovely things to add to my forever growing wish list.
I want a bias tape machine and a Cricut.
I know some of you may say. . . a Cricut!?! but why?
because it would be PERFECT for making appliques! I would love to be able to applique names and initials onto things without it taking me 3 years to cut them out! (yes that's me being overly dramatic again) plus cute lil cupcakes or ice cream cones (not that they require a lot of effort to cut out but it would be easier!)

As for the bias tape maker. . .I have never really worked with bias tape in the past but with my recent project (swing tops with ruffles on the bottom) I would love to be able to line the edges . . . for example a hot pink swing top with a zebra print ruffle would look killer with zebra lined around the neck and sleeves!

In adding to my 'wish list' I would like to be able to take something off of it . . . say a SERGER!!! Yes that is right! My wonderful amazing mommy has offered to buy me a serger! As I have said in the past . . . I know really nothing about sergers except for the fact that I WANT ONE . . .and it would make sewing easier. I have found a Juno by Janome at Hancock fabrics on sale for $199! (hopefully it is still on sale) I have looked up reviews on it and it seems to be highly rated! WOO HOO for me!
Happy Crafting

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  1. Yay for a Serger! Go Mom! I am so glad you are finally getting one! And I hope you get a cricut! I have cut out fabrics (to make IRON ON patches of course LOL) and it works like a breeze!