Sunday, May 2, 2010


Saturday I got my fancy new ruffler foot. I am so excited to put this bad mam-a-jamma to work. I played with it a little bit last night and it was pretty awesome but a little bit intimidating. There are so many variables that you can adjust to make the ruffles or pleats bigger or smaller or deeper or fuller! It is crazy but SO FUN! It is going to make sewing ruffles to much easier and faster. I ordered it on ebay for $16 (plus $2 for S&H) and I really cant believe how fast it got here. My only (semi) complaint is that it only ruffles the edge of a fabric. . . say I want to put a ruffled stitch down the middle of a strip of fabric. . . Nope can't do it because there is a little metal guide thing-y blocking the fabric from going in any deeper than just that much. Bummer. . . but that's ok it won't stop me from using it and putting unnecessary ruffles on everything.

This weekend I also made myself a pillowcase dress, which turned out pretty darn cute! I do think that it needs a lining under it though since the fabric I found (an adorable polka dot pattern) is kind of thin and see through. Now I just need to do Gianna's. Once I get them both done I will make Julio take pictures of our super cute matchy-ness (not a real word but it works). I still need to figure something out to make for Marcelo for Mother's day. I want to make a vest or something for him but I am scared of buttons and button holes . . . eek! I found a pattern for a hat but I don't know how to get it to go together properly so I am still working on that in between projects.

I really wish I could create and craft full time. I LOVE making things for people (plus the fabric store is my nirvana). There is something about making things with your hands that just fills me up inside. I don't know if I could describe it but its magical. It is always different and exciting and interesting. If ever you get bored with what you are working on you put it down and pick up something else. That simple. I love it. xoxo

Happy crafting!

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