Sunday, April 25, 2010

I love sewing!!!

Today I some how managed to convince the hubby to let me sneak away and sew for a good portion of the afternoon while he and Marcelo vegged out and watched nickjr (I suggested a trip to the park but Julio said it was too hot. . . where is the eye roll smiley when you need it?). I made 2 dresses one pillowcase dress for a friends daughter and I tried out a new pattern and made a dress for Ms. Gianna the pattern is called the Mango dress This lady on Etsy has ADORABLE patterns and it was pretty easy for the most part (this is where I tell you how much of a ding dong I am and that I couldn't figure out how to put the pattern pieces together then after I finally figured it out I only cut out 1 skirt piece when I needed 2 . . . yea I deserve a HUGE . . . DOH!) and the dress turned out fantastically. Here is my little model showing it off
.excuse the bed head she had just woken up from nap . . . personally I think the look suits her well.

I love that she is flirting with her daddy in this one
This is my favorite Gianna face!

The pillowcase dress is so far my FAVORITE thing to make its simple, doesn't require a pattern, and can be made in ANY SIZE! Which means I AM MAKING ME AND GIANNA MATCHING DRESSES! Here are some pictures of the dress I made today.

I am so proud of ME!
I will be selling the pillowcase dresses for $20, so if your little lady needs one let me know and I can get one whipped up for her in no time!

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