Thursday, April 29, 2010

A kid in the candy store. . .

Any day that results in a trip the the fabric store is a good day. Add to that marking off some items on my wish list = A FANTASTIC day! Today I made a trip to Joann's with my 3 coupons, one for 50% and two for 40% off. I headed straight for the scissor aisle to pick out a new pair of pinking shears, but instead found a rotary cutter and a pinking shear attachment. I also found a clear ruler (I think that its for quilting) which will be perfect for cutting straight edges and a 2 pack of fabric markers! WOO HOO for coupons! What I didn't find at Joann's was zebra print fabric. I asked the sales clerk (who is HILARIOUS and I love going to Joann's when he's working) who said 'I just don't understand why that crap is so popular! It comes in and its sold out a few days after!' haha Then he also reminded me its prom time and a lot of the kids/parents make their own dresses and accessories! Grr. . . Damn prom kids!

Today I got to see my friend's daughter in the pillowcase dress I made for her! I tried to get a few pictures but she was a non-willing participant! She looked ABSOLUTELY adorable! I have an order of ruffle bloomers I am going to be working on this weekend and I can hardly wait to get them done and post pictures of them! I wish I could hand deliver them to Ms. Brooklyn so I could take some pictures of her cute lil tushy in them, but her mom has promised to get some super cute ones for me. Until then Happy crafting.

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